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Empty Skincare Makeup Containers Manufacturers

Huana Plastic Co., Ltd is China Skincare/makeup container manufacturers, suppliers & factory. Mainly wholesale Empty plastic Skincare Makeup Containers include makeup Palette, lip gloss tube, bottles, jars etc. specializing in the production of various cosmetic plastic packaging materials, providing high-quality products and comprehensive services to major cosmetic manufacturers around the world.

New products

Welcome to the new product page of Warner. Our design team will regularly display and update cosmetic packaging materials with novel styles and unique craftsmanship. The pursuit of quality and innovation is our eternal pursuit.

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HNjn010a-Vendor private label mascara
HN5304-Liquid lipstick lipgloss
HN5306-Empty lipgloss tubes lipgloss
HN5308-Slim containers tube lipgloss
HN5309-Plumping shimmer lip gloss lipgloss
HN5310-Wholesale custom label lipgloss
HN3482-Magnetic empty eye shadow pallet powder box
HN3483-Baked powder compact
HN3484-Baked powder compact powder box
HN3485-Private label makeup case powder box
HN3486-Unique empty eyeshadow powder box
HN3488-4 color cosmetic packaging powder box

Lipgloss Tube

We provide various types of lip gloss series packaging, including AS, PETG and other materials, which can meet your requirements for different lip gloss formulations such as pearlescent and non-stick cups. According to your needs, we can provide customized designs and choices of various shapes such as square, round, and special shapes.

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5207D-Liquid lipstick lip gloss
5229-Custom shiny glossy lip gloss
HM5252-Bulk lip glosses lip gloss
HN5201-Plumping lipglosses lip gloss
HN5203-Custom logo packaging box lip gloss
HN5206-High quality lip glaze velvet lip gloss
HN5207B-Frosted lip gloss tube lip gloss
HN5210-Mini translucent Lip gloss
HN5241-Private label lip liner lip lip gloss
HN5243-Plumping lipglosses lip gloss
HN5245-High quality lip gloss
HN5249-Custom shiny glossy lip gloss

Compact & Palette Container

We provide square, round, single-layer, multi-layer and other styles of compact powder palette for you to choose from. We can customize the size, colors, material etc for better design of perfect plastic eyeshadow packaging . You can use PCR environmentally friendly recycled materials to provide Eyeshadow case. For production, We provides special processes such as 3D printing to meet your process requirements.

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HN0325-Palette powder compact case with clear window powder box
HN333A-Sized professional makeup compact powder box
HN3305-2-Palette pocked powder box
HN3305-3-Skin illustrator on set empty powder box
HN3305-4-Cosmetic eyeshadow palette case powder box
HN3317-Small powder container powder box
HN3331-1Round black empty blush container -powder box
HN3331-2-Mini compact powder case powder box
HN3331-3-Hot sale products powder box
HN3334-4-Private label square powder box
HN3334-5-Sized professional makeup compact powder box
HN3334-6-Baked powder compact powder box

Eyeliner Container

According to your requirements for the shape of the eyeliner content and packaging materials, professional customized services are provided. A variety of styles such as slender, mini, and large-capacity are available for your choice.

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HN5207B-Container tubes eyeliner
HN5207D-Clear empty packaging eyeliner
HN5273-Private label packaging eyeliner
HN5285-Empty eyeliner packaging eyeliner
HN6240-No logo glitter eyeliner eyeliner
HN6241-Liquid eyeliner and mascara eyeliner

Mascara Tube

Provides multi-process mascara bottles including injection molding, blow molding, injection blowing, etc., including various designs in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc., which can be professionally customized according to your needs.

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HN5203-2021 luxury plastic mascara tube
HN5207B-Custom logo packaging mascara tube
HN5210-White makeup tube mascara tube
HN5221-Cosmetics tube mascara tube
HN5241B-Empty high quality mascara tube
HN5261-Container mascara tube mascara tube
HN5273-Empty black mascara packaging mascara tube
HN5280-New shape mascara tube
HN5283-With brush mascara tube
HN5285-Cosmetic packaging mascara tube
HN5286-Empty white mascara tube mascara tube
HN5303-Cases cosmetic mascara tube


According to your needs, supply loose powder, cream, eye shadow, face color and other different content bottle and can products, including children's series such as Disney.

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HN0341A-Macaroon shape lip balm jar
HN0341B-Skin cream container bottle
HN0342-Gold lidhot sale products jar
HN3319-Cosmetic skincare jars jar
HN3376-Black srew cap cosmetic packaging bottle
HN3422-Frosted cosmetic jar bottles  jar
HN3466-Face care cream sample bottle
HN3468-Glass containers packaging jar
HN3492-Sunsreem cream jar bottle

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