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Travel-Size Makeup Containers

When we buy or use make-up, we often use plastic containers that aren't recyclable. This can contribute to the growing pile of unrecyclable plastic in our landfills. The cosmetics industry alone creates 120 billion plastic units a year. The problem with using these containers is that they tend to contaminate the batch of waste that will be recycled. You can reduce your plastic waste by avoiding purchasing cosmetics in these containers.

These containers hold up to 3 oz of liquid and are TSA approved. You can use them to carry makeup remover or hand sanitizer. They also fit into your pocket. Buying travel-sized makeup containers will also make them more convenient for your daily routine. Choosing the right one will ensure that you never run out of your makeup again. Listed below are some of the best travel-size makeup containers.

Medium-sized glass cosmetic jars are an excellent choice for makeup storage. They contain a capacity of 20ml and are available in transparent, frosted, amber, and blue finishes. Most of them have heavy-base bottoms and thick sides, which make them safe to use for storage and dispensing cosmetics. They also come with a spatula for dispensed creams. To make sure that your container is filled to the correct level, choose a jar with a spout.

Besides protecting the product, makeup containers must be environmentally friendly. This includes factors such as the substance of the product, the chemical composition, and the biology. It is important for a cosmetic container to resist contaminants as well as deterioration, so choose wisely! If you can't decide between two alternatives, consider plastic containers. They are eco-friendly and are great for cosmetic products. So, choose whichever one suits your needs the best!

Travel-sized travel makeup containers are also handy. They can easily fit in your hand luggage and prevent leakage. The lids are leak-proof, and the containers can even include a spatula or anti-aging silicone. They are durable, and will last for years. Most of these containers are BPA-free and have foam liners to create an air-tight seal. They are also ideal for makeup, skin lotions, and shampoos.

Different types of makeup products require different types of packaging. Some types are packaged in squeezable tubes or pump spray bottles. They are often made of different materials such as glass and plastic. Glass and PET containers are ideal for skincare products that contain acids. They are also more durable and won't degrade over time. You can even look for products that are unique in shape or size. Many brands will offer free shipping or other perks if you buy their containers in bulk.

When choosing the makeup containers, consider the aesthetics of the containers. Stylish, cool packaging will catch customers' attention. Intricate drawings, especially floral ones, are timeless. Floral illustrations work well in select areas while geometric patterns tend to be more neutral and approachable. They will also be the first thing consumers see when they purchase the cosmetics. However, if you want to make an impact, try to go for more feminine-looking packaging.

Travel-sized cosmetic containers are also an option. This type of container is particularly convenient if you frequently travel. Its screw-on lid allows you to easily fill and remove it from the container. The caps have rounded edges and make them easy to store. You can even use a handy brush to help fill the containers. Some makeup containers even include a rotating ring so you can easily identify which product is inside. And because they are so eye-catching, they are a great choice for traveling.

When selecting your makeup container, the design is as important as the product itself. When choosing the style, make sure you lock in the design element that will represent the brand. Illustrations may be needed if your cosmetics brand has a pop art theme, while nature photographs might be more appropriate for a natural-looking brand. Once you've locked in your aesthetic, it's time to choose a font for the packaging. It's important to choose a type of font that's easy to read.

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