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Cosmetic packaging presents new features

In order to meet different needs, the capacity size of the packaging container presents diversification to facilitate consumer choice; for high-grade products, small capacity is adopted for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the consumer psychology of young girls due to curiosity.

  Manufacturers produce products without preservatives to meet customer demand. Manufacturers fill them in very small containers that customers can use in one go, for example, many brands of serums are packaged in this way. This type of cosmetic is too expensive to become a mainstream product in the market, but it is a sign of a stylish, luxurious lifestyle of the future and will therefore have a stable consumer base. Many cosmetic manufacturers have begun to focus on environmental issues and are adding environmental considerations to the choice of cosmetic packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled, which is in line with the growing emphasis on environmental awareness. Then there is cosmetic capsule packaging, which refers to the contents of cosmetics enclosed in a variety of granular soft capsules. The capsule skin is soft; its shape is diverse, with spherical, olive, heart, crescent-shaped, etc.; colorful, both crystal clear, but also colorful pearlescent. In addition to skin care capsules, there are many other types of cosmetic capsules for bath and hair. Cosmetic capsules do not appear in the use of secondary pollution, cosmetic capsules packaging is small, its contents are designed for a single dosage, so that consumers can use one capsule at a time, thus avoiding other forms of packaging products in the use of the process of possible secondary pollution, and thus the consumer each time the product is used clean. In order to prevent the traditional bottle, boxed products in the process of consumer use may occur in the secondary contamination and lead to deterioration of the contents, the manufacturer to add more amounts of antiseptic and bactericidal agents in the product formula, and general preservatives are irritating and toxic to the skin. Cosmetic capsules because there is no secondary contamination, so that in this product without or with less preservatives become possible, thus greatly improving the safety of the product. In addition safe to carry and easy to use. Due to the packaging characteristics of such products, in the consumer home use at the same time, also suitable for use when going on vacation, travel and field work, and its packaging is not easy to break, very safe to carry, use the finger pinch the neck of the capsule can be, very convenient.

 2. Serialization
  Series packaging refers to the unified trademark pattern and text font as the premise, with different hues, water patterns or different modeling structure as the tone of the same category of commodity packaging design, requiring the same in different, different in the same, both diversification, but also a sense of the whole. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two cases. One is the same brand and different functions of cosmetics are packaged in a series of sets to facilitate consumers' purchase, while at the same time making the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchases. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand, keeping the overall design style, and then using larger containers to collect and package various cosmetics as a sales unit for overall sales; second, a series of cosmetics of the same brand and the same main function, but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics of the same brand and the same function, but different formulations, when the packaging design is serialized design. For example, a brand of multiple moisturizers, whose main function is skin care, but different auxiliary functions; and a brand of multiple facial cleansers, whose function is cleansing, but the manufacturing formula is different. For this type of series of cosmetics, the packaging design should be in line with the characteristics of serial packaging design, both to achieve the role of a series of packaging, but also conducive to consumer choice.

 3. Innovative
  In the personal care and perfume markets, product packaging has become an important factor that can quickly lock the eyes of consumers on the retail shelves. Because contemporary consumers have become more aware of packaging design, from mass market to high-end shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are increasingly focusing on packaging innovation and novelty. With strong competition for end-consumer attention, many packaging suppliers believe that product design is becoming more important than ever. The need for individualization is driving the growth of custom manufacturing (a model of production that is personalized to the needs of different consumers), and proprietary molds are becoming popular among companies in the industry. The concept of innovation is given full play in this type of design. Innovation will undoubtedly be welcomed, but over time it will also gradually lose its uniqueness. In the long run a natural choice will be adopted by all product sectors, and this innovative concept will eventually bring benefits to the customer, and to the brand and retailer, but the effect of wowing the customer will slowly be diluted over time. Therefore, innovation is the eternal theme of cosmetic packaging.

 4. Vacuuming
  To protect skin care products containing liposomes, rosin oil, and vitamins, vacuum packaging systems stand out. Despite being limited to a few brands due to high costs (this is changing), this type of packaging has many advantages - high protection, high elasticity recovery, ease of use of high viscosity skin creams, and upgrading the product with its high-tech features. The prevailing vacuum system consists of a cylindrical or ellipsoidal container plus a piston placed in it.

 5. Combination
  The combination of products for related purposes in one large box or bag for simultaneous sale. For example, many efficacy product sets include cleanser, massage cream, mask, nutritional water, nutritional cream, etc. The advantage is that it is convenient for customers to buy, and also more affordable than buying single products.

   6. Additional functions
  That is, after the product is used up, its packaging does not need to be discarded, easy to use for other purposes, such as toothbrush holder, soap box. At present, the more commonly used also comes with a gift packaging, solicitation packaging, positioning packaging, etc.

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