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Work hard on containers, the next 6 trends in cosmetic packaging

At the 2017 Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Expo held in Hong Kong from November 14 to 17 last year, BeautyStream hosted a conference on the theme of "How Modern Lifestyles Impact Trends in Beauty Packaging" to discuss the impact of modern life on cosmetic packaging. The speaker is Anne-Catherine Auvray, the editorial director of BeautyStream, and Michele Superchi, the Italian marketing manager.

BeautyStream is an American company established in 2009 that specializes in analyzing and predicting beauty trends. It has a rapid response to all areas of the beauty industry such as skin care, color makeup, hairdressing, nail art, raw materials, design, packaging, strategy, marketing, advertising, and retail. Analysis and prediction.

The absolute influence of bloggers on the field of makeup.

Anne-Catherine Auvray and Michele Superchi analyzed six core issues from "Time-Strapped", "More Than Just Green", "Picture-Perfect", "Digitalization & Technology", "Ultra-Customization", and "New Scent Rituals" The latest packaging trends are introduced, and cases and keywords are introduced respectively.

First of all, "Time-Strapped" means that with the daily travel and the acceleration of the pace of life, products that are convenient to carry have become popular. With the increase in the needs of consumers who pay the most attention to convenience, cosmetic packaging that caters to this trend is also evolving. .

The first keyword is "Travel-Friendly". The representative products reflecting this trend are Geka's MINI ESSENTIALS and MAC's "Little MAC" products.

The second and third keywords are "On-The-Go Convenience" and "Ultra-Slim", representing products such as Beauty Pouch by Milimage, Pore Perfecting Matifying Kit by Clarins, C-Firma Serum by Drunk Elephant, Quadpack Powder Spray, etc. are small and light simple products.

"More Than Just Green" As healthy living and consumption are popular all over the world, packaging is still pursuing the environmentally friendly trend of environmental protection. The product containers launched by Eco Lips, Switch Fresh, Treofan, Sulapac, and Tincture are all very simple and 100% recyclable. The differentiated environmental protection process has attracted attention.

"Picture-Perfect" simply means that the container is very photogenic. Anne-Catherine Auvray said, "Now beauty bloggers have absolute influence. The content they upload through social networks or YouTube can even determine the success or failure of the product. In particular, the more special the container packaging of makeup products, the higher the probability of Chen Gong."

Representative products that reflect this trend are MAC's "Rollerwheel Liquid Liner", Diorshow's "PUMP N VOLUME MASCARA", Cosmogen's "Cosmo+" and other products.

In addition, digital technology has a great impact on cosmetic containers. The keywords of "Digitalization & Technology" include "Smart At-Home", "Beauty Tracking", "Connected Packaging", etc., as well as aromatherapy and skin testers connected to mobile phones. As a representative example, consumers can mix and match various scents through mobile apps, and product innovations arouse attention.

"Ultra-Customization", as the name suggests, is to achieve the ultimate in customization. This trend has also become a new form of luxury, that is, the traditional luxury concept of customized products for customers is resurrected. The keywords here are "Clip & Match", "Bespoke", "2-in-1", and the main representative products are Aptar's Neomix, Capsum & Centdegres' "surprise your skin" and MAC's "Bold Bad Lash Mascara", etc. .

Finally, "New Scent Rituals" means that the packaging of perfumes has also begun to innovate. Representative examples include Jo Loves' Perfume PaintBrush, Derek Lam's "10 Crosby Perfume Stick", Aptar's "fragrance master" and Alkos's "Perfume" Touch Up" etc.

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